Summer Maintenance Checklist for Your AC

Summer is signaling your AC maintenance!

While we Alaskans don’t use our AC much, it’s essential to have a smooth-running system when we need some cool air indoors.

Next up, we’ve put together a 5-step AC maintenance checklist for you to follow every spring.

AC Maintenance Checklist

Step 1: Clean Around Your Outdoor unit

Anything from leaves, dust and overgrown shrubs to debris can congest your unit. So, it’s important to clean around your outdoor unit. 

Let your unit breathe! 

We recommend aiming for 3-4 feet of clear space around your unit. This way, you’re ensuring that your equipment has proper airflow.

Step 2: Change Your Interior AC Filters

An easy DIY maintenance task you can stay on top of is replacing your air filters. 

Delays in filter replacement can harm your equipment leading to massive utility bills plus equipment malfunctions.

How often should you replace your AC filters?

This depends! Check your specific HVAC unit’s maintenance schedule. Some equipment needs quarterly filter replacements while others need monthly.


Step 3: Check Your Refrigerant Levels

This step is best completed by a licensed HVAC professional. 

Here, a technician will check your refrigerant levels. If they’re too low, your unit could leak and, if left unchecked, burn out your compressor as well.

The result? Expensive repairs (you could have prevented).

Step 4: Call a Professional

Even though your AC doesn’t need much service, it’s still crucial to take the time to maintain it. One of these steps includes getting your AC unit serviced by a licensed HVAC technician.

Because there’s only so much you can do on your own!

Plus, an AC is much more complicated than it looks. It requires your electrical components, condenser, motor, and thermostat to work in sync.

Damage to any one of these parts can result in a costly repair or a non-functional unit.

If you’re experiencing any AC problems, including but not limited to water leaks, foul smells, or strange noises from your equipment, your AC may be going out.


Jumpstart Your HVAC maintenance Before Supplies Become Less Available!

At Diamond Heating & AirTemp Alaska, we service residential and commercial heating and cooling systems. With 25+ years of experience, 24-hour emergency service, and trained HVAC experts who specialize in heating system repair, replacement, and maintenance— we’re here for all your cooling and heating needs. Contact us today for a FREE quote!

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