FAQ Regarding Air Conditioning Installations

Q: Can I have AC even if I don’t have a forced air system with ductwork?
A: Definitely! You don’t need existing ductwork to enjoy cool air at home. A ductless AC system is a great choice and can be easily installed just about anywhere in your house.

Q: Is there any other indoor head option for Mitsubishi Ductless Systems besides the standard ones?
A: Absolutely! Mitsubishi doesn’t just stick to the standard; they also offer wall-mounted, floor-mounted, and ceiling-recessed units. So, you have plenty of options to fit your space and style.

Q: Will installing an AC system increase my utility bill?
A: While any AC system will bump up your electricity usage a bit, modern systems are made to be quite energy-efficient. How much your bill goes up will really depend on how much you use your AC and which system you go for.

Q: How common is it for people in Anchorage to have AC now?
A: More common than you might think! Even with our cooler climate, many Anchorage residents are choosing to install AC for those warmer summer days and to keep their indoor air fresh and clean. Especially those with multiple stories and minimal tree coverage around their home, which would allow for some shade.

Q: Can I buy an AC system online and have it professionally installed?
A: In addition to getting it professionally installed, and making sure it’s set up well and runs efficiently, we also suggest ordering the system through us. We get things at a dealer rate and know the products are up to par and good quality.

Q: What warranties are provided with AC systems?
A: Warranties can vary depending on the brand, but they generally cover parts and labor for a good stretch of time. Always best to check the specifics when you buy.

Q: Is Mitsubishi considered a reliable brand for AC systems?
A: Oh, absolutely. Mitsubishi is a big name in AC for good reasons. They’ve been around the block and are known for reliable and efficient systems.

Q: Are there any rebates available for installing an energy-efficient AC system?
A: Yep, there are often rebates from federal or state energy programs. Keep an eye on local announcements, like the recent one from Chugach Electric about their heat pump incentives.

Q: How much can I save on utilities by using an energy-efficient system?
A: Well, it varies. The more efficient the system, the more you save. Energy-efficient models cut down on wastage and help keep your bills lower over time.

Q: What is the rough estimate of the cost of installing an AC system?
A: It varies a lot based on what kind of system you choose and the specifics of your home, but installation in Anchorage can range from a few thousand dollars to quite a bit more for larger or more complex systems. Highly recommend we do a 15-minute intro call to talk through the best options, both product and financing-wise. Each home is different and has unique needs.

Q: What does it cost to run an AC unit?
A: The operating costs depend on how efficient your unit is and how often you crank it up. Ductless models are usually on the lower end for running costs.

Q: What maintenance does an AC system require?
A: Just the basics—keeping air filters clean, making sure it’s free from debris, and getting a pro to check it out annually. We offer maintenance plans to make this hassle-free.

Q: Can AC be added to an existing heating system?
A: Yes, indeed! Whether it’s integrating with what you already have or adding a new standalone unit like a ductless system, there are several ways to get AC working with your existing setup.

Feel free to drop us a line if you need more details or want to chat about the best options for your home! Again, highly recommend we do a 15-minute intro call to talk through the best options, both product and financing-wise.

– Sam,
Your Comfort Consultant

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