Providing high performance solutions that deliver reliable comfort and healthy air to breathe in a cost-effective manner is the mission of Diamond Heating & AirTemp Alaska. That’s why we only offer quality products from the world’s most trusted brands.

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This is Alaska. Most of the time it's cold outside. We offer a wide range of quality products designed to keep it warm inside.

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Yes, it's usually cold in Alaska. But when it does warm up you still want to be comfortable. We've got the right product options to help you stay cool.

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Indoor Air Quality

Diamond Heating wants to keep your space comfortable… and safe! Our indoor air quality solutions will keep your air purified so you can breathe easy.

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Thermostats & Zoning

Our digital touch screen thermostats and zoning technology puts precision, room-specific temperature control at your finger tips.

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Water Heaters

Cold showers are no fun (unless you like cold showers). Our line of performance water heaters provide reliable hot water for any size home or business.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps: Harnessing the great outdoors to bring you the perfect indoor climate, efficiently and sustainably.