Heating and Cooling Services in Anchorage, AK

Diamond Heating & AirTemp Alaska is proud to serve customers throughout Anchorage, Alaska. We have become an integral part of the Anchorage community, providing customers just like you with access to the areas highest-rated services and solutions to keep you comfortable all year round. We all know that Anchorage experiences drastic temperature fluctuations throughout the year, and at Diamond Heating & AirTemp Alaska, we believe in ensuring that you’re able to stay comfortable and safe no matter where the mercury might be at the moment.

The northernmost city in the US, Anchorage has the distinction of being one of the most unique places in the world. Rich in culture and surrounded by the splendor of nature, this incredible city is also very different from what newcomers might assume. Despite being located within a subarctic climate, summertime temperatures can often break 80 degrees. Wintertime lows can be incredibly frigid. That means there’s a significant need for both heating and cooling within homes and businesses in Anchorage. We’re here to help ensure that you’re comfortable and safe throughout the varied seasons.

Whether you need repairs to a furnace, service for a whole-house humidifier, installation of UV germicidal lights, boiler repairs, a new system installed, or have an emergency heating or cooling need outside of normal business hours, Diamond Heating & AirTemp Alaska can help. While we’re Trane-certified, our professionals can also service all other makes and models. Call us today at 907-561-3490.

We service the following zip codes:

  • 99501
  • 99502
  • 99503
  • 99504
  • 99505
  • 99506
  • 99507
  • 99508
  • 99513
  • 99515
  • 99516
  • 99517
  • 99518
  • 99529
  • 99530
  • 99540
  • 99599