Happy Birthday To Us: 25 Years In Business

We recently celebrated our 25 Year Anniversary with an open house at our shop!
We invited family, friends, and customers out to enjoy food, fun, prizes.

Our charity spotlight for the event was the local chapter of the American Cancer Society. At our event we had a bean bag toss, where a 100% of the proceeds went to our local chapter. Attendees were able to purchase a bean bag for $5 or $10 and attempt to land the bag on the corn hole board. If a players bag went in the hole, Diamond Heating & AirTemp doubled the donation. All in all, we were able to raise $1,500 during the event! Shout out to you all for making it possible.

Not only was the fundraising portion a great success, it was a reminder as to why we do what we do. Every day our team members clock in and get to work with the customer (you) in mind. Click to hear what our team has to say about our community:

It was a great time celebrating 25 years of Diamond Heating & AirTemp Alaska. Now here’s to 25 more!

Click to learn how you can join our team: Career Openings

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