Diamond Heating & AirTemp Alaska

Why Diamond Heating & AirTemp Alaska

Founded in 1995, Diamond Heating has grown from a small company with just three employees to become the largest installer of residential heating and cooling systems in Alaska. We’ve earned accolades for our services and dedication to quality, including the prestigious Subcontractor of the Year award from the Anchorage Home Builders Association, but our true measure of success is in our customer satisfaction ratings. After all, if our customers aren’t completely satisfied, we’re not doing our jobs.

To ensure that we’re better able to do just that, we partnered with AirTemp Alaska, a leading air conditioning company founded in 1992. AirTemp makes an ideal partner due to their commitment to reliability and exceptional service, which so closely mirrors our own. Today, the combined services of Diamond Heating and AirTemp ensure that our customers have access to an industry-leading team of professionals capable of providing all services needed, from replacement and installation at new construction to residential HVAC maintenance.

Diamond Heating/AirTemp Alaska specializes in both residential and commercial projects, and our focused planners and designers are capable of creating customized solutions to fit any need, from residential maintenance to optimal heating and ventilation systems designed to handle the wide range of temperature extremes in Alaska. Our commercial specialists can handle replacing outdated rooftop units of virtually any capacity and on any building, with a minimum of downtime. We can also orchestrate major HVAC renovations and handle all the details, from engineering to electrical design, and even roofing if needed.

We invite you to learn more about why Diamond Heating/AirTemp Alaska has become the largest heating and air conditioning provider in Alaska, as well as our commitment to ensuring complete customer satisfaction.

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