Alleviate Break Up Season Allergies

Break up season is officially upon us! While the end of winter signals the reemerge of our beautiful wildlife from hibernation and sunnier summer days ahead, it also means the release of dirt, dust, and allergens into the air and your home. While breakup can trigger allergy symptoms, there are plenty...
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Why Is My Furnace Blowing Cold Air?

After spending a long day out in the cold, there’s no better feeling than returning to a toasty warm home. But what happens when you come home to your furnace not heating, or even worse, your furnace blowing cold air? Follow these steps to learn how to troubleshoot your furnace blowing...
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6 Areas Of Your Home Where You Lose The Most Heat

When heat loss occurs in your home it not only raises your energy bills but can also put a heavy strain on your furnace or boiler system. This strain on your system can ultimately cause a breakdown and may result in replacing your heating system sooner than expected. In order to...
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8 Questions To Ask Before Replacing Your Furnace

8 Questions to Ask Before Replacing Your Furnace
As snow continues to fall in Anchorage and our heating systems work harder to keep us cozy, we thought it would be a great time to review the top questions to ask before replacing your furnace. Let’s review 8 questions to ask your trusted heating company, Diamond Heating & AirTemp Alaska!...
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