The Mitsubishi AC Unit

The Mitsubishi AC Unit

The Mitsubishi AC Unit

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  • What It Is icon

    What It Is

    The Mitsubishi AC Unit is the cooler (and more affordable) air conditioning unit. Mitsubishi's ductless system has the ability to cool and heat individual rooms without having to overwork in order to keep your home at its desired comfort level.

  • How It Works icon

    How It Works

    The system's compressor allows you to change fan speeds depending on your room's temperature needs. Refrigerant is used to cool air, which is quietly streamed into the desired living space.

  • Why It

    Why It's Great

    Do you have rooms that are too hot or too cold? Do you pay high utility bills each month? Do you feel like rooms in your home lack comfortable air circulation? The Mitsubishi AC Unit reduces energy costs while easily solving these problems and more!

  • What It

    What It's Perfect For

    The Mitsubishi AC Ductless System is the perfect energy efficient option for cooling master bedrooms, second or third floors, bonus rooms, basements, additions or renovations, man caves, and garages. Another added benefit? The Mitsubishi AC Unit can be used as a backup heater.



    Mitsubishi Electric has a Zoned Comfort Solution® that fits your unique needs whether you have a single uncomfortable room or you’re building a new home. Mitsubishi's systems focus on individual living spaces rather than treating every room the same, allowing for more customization, energy efficiency and easy installation.



    Diamond Heating AirTemp Alaska is Alaska's only Diamond Contractor, the highest accreditation available through Mitsubishi Electric's training program. Our team of experts stay up to date on the latest technology and installation practices, keeping your home comfort our #1 priority.

Additional Features & Benefits

    • Quiet operation
    • Wireless remote control for accurate temperatures
    • Can be used in multi-zone applications
    • Filtration system reduces allergens and bacteria in the air
    • Increased comfort throughout the home

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Additional Features & Benefits