Should I Have Air Conditioning Installed?

Most would think Alaska is fairly cool year-round and air conditioning isn’t necessary, but the summer of 2019 proved even we get hot!  For the first time in 50 years, Anchorage reached a record-breaking temperature of 90 degrees. While a summer heatwave is a rare occurrence, it’s best to plan for everything. Here are 5 reasons why air conditioning is beneficial to your health, and why it’s a worthwhile investment. 

1. Break Up Season Allergies

In warmer weather, occupants typically keep their windows and doors open allowing dirt, dust, and allergens into homes and workplaces. Running an A/C reduces the humidity levels in your home, which lowers the buildup of mold and mildew, both triggers that can exacerbate asthma. Air conditioners can also lower your exposure to indoor allergens, like dust mites. Having an air conditioning system allows you to keep your windows closed, and the allergens out.


2. Keeping Bugs at Bay

Air conditioner filters help keep insects out and are more effective than a screen in an open window. Some insects can also be dangerous to people with allergies and can be harmful to your pets. 


3. Healthier Life

High temperatures take a toll on our bodies. As the weather gets warmer, our heart rates and blood pressure increase to produce sweat so we can cool our bodies down. This can put the elderly and more vulnerable individuals at risk of dehydration and stroke. High Temperatures also reduce our cognitive abilities, workplace productivity, and cause a lack of sleep. Installing an air conditioning system allows you to keep your home and workplace cool, helping you stay healthy, happy and productive.


4. Increased Comfort

The average temperature during the summer ranges between 55 to 78 degrees, and let’s face it, that sun is hot! Air conditioning is a commodity that is often overlooked until we are ready to cool off after a long day in the heat.  An A/C setup also allows for a better night’s sleep, leading to more productive days. 


5. We Offer Affordable A/C Systems!

With available financing for up to 120 months and low monthly payments, you can increase your comfort, health and wellness for years to come.  Due to the amazing support from the Anchorage community, we are often booked months in advance.  Contact us today for a free proposal or questions regarding your future A/C system. 

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