5 Signs You Need to Replace Your Furnace or Boiler

5 Signs You Need to Replace Your Furnace or Boiler

We see it all the time — furnaces and boilers breaking down in the dead of winter, leaving families without heat in the most necessary of times. While we know preemptive planning to replace your tired heating system isn’t always high on the priority list, it can save you from desperate moments like these. 

Diamond Heating & AirTemp Alaska encourages Anchorage homeowners to educate themselves on the 5 most common signs a furnace or boiler needs replacing. 

 1. System Nearing 15 Years

Today’s high-efficiency boilers can heat your home for upwards of 15 years if well maintained and serviced regularly. On the other hand, if your home relies on a high-efficiency furnace, you can expect an average lifespan between 15-30 years. When your boiler or furnace approaches the 15-year mark, our team recommends thinking about replacement. While your system may continue to run for seasons to come, we find it’s best to prepare and explore financing options well in advance.

2. Increase in Utility Bills

It’s normal for energy bills to rise during the chill of winter. However, if you notice a spike in your bill that doesn’t seem to correlate with the increased use in your home, the efficiency of your furnace or boiler may be compromised. Systems lose their efficiency as they age, especially if they have not been properly maintained with preventative maintenance. As a result, your furnace or boiler may run harder and longer to provide the same level of heat. There could be a related issue with the thermostat, ductwork connected to your furnace, or your heating system may be reaching the end of its life.

3. Frequent Repairs

We know homeowners want their furnace or boiler to hang in there as long as possible, but if repair calls become all too common it may be time to consider a replacement. Repair bills can be costly and prolonging system life for the short term is inefficient. If a high repair bill is coupled with a well-aged boiler or furnace, our technicians may recommend replacing the unit. 

We fully understand replacing your furnace or boiler is a sizable investment for your home, which is why our team makes a point to remind homeowners when their system is nearing the end of its expected lifespan. We want to provide homeowners with enough time and consideration to understand the special financing options that work best for their family and budget. 

4. Strange Noises Coming From Your Furnace or Boiler

Aging systems often start to make odd noises at the end of the road. Banging, rattling, squealing, clicking — we’ve heard it all. Another sign of despair is if you notice your furnace blower continuously running. Noisey furnaces and boilers don’t always result in replacement, but should definitely be inspected by an HVAC technician. 

5. Rooms are Heating Unevenly

Do you feel some areas of your home are too hot, while some areas struggle to retain heat at all? If you’ve noticed this issue in your home comfort, it is usually a sign that your boiler or furnace lacks the ability to evenly distribute heat throughout your home. 

As a homeowner, knowing the most common signs your furnace or boiler may need replacing is crucial. The sooner you can acknowledge these warning signs, the more time you will have to budget and educate yourself on the best financing options. 

For furnace or boiler repair and replacement, schedule an appointment with a Diamond Heating & AirTemp Alaska HVAC professional.

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